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CallClever is your partner in business. We improve the quality and availability of your overall communication with existing and potential customers and we make our solutions fit around your business.

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Understanding your areas for improvement

For every business, it’s different. For homeworkers and micro-businesses, the problem often is that calls will come into you when you’re busy doing something else and you just can’t answer. You know that you could help the customer with the reason they’re getting in touch with you but you just need to finish what you’re currently working on before you get around to it.

As your business consolidates and grows, you may need a PA or a receptionist to help you organise your days, to deal with customer queries, and to take orders over the phone or online. While having this would be very helpful, you struggle to justify the £20,000 per annum cost for a PA or a receptionist. It might be that the cost of your PA or a receptionist may completely swallow up any gains you make by having one because of the expense involved. And what about the 28 days they’re on holiday – what do you do then?

Very few people leave answerphone messages anymore. We live in a world where a customer or a decision-maker expects their question to be answered either straight away or at least acknowledged.

Whether what your company sells is worth £20 or £20,000, you simply can’t afford to not be there when you’re presented with a qualified, bona fide, closable sales opportunity.

CallClever builds upon your business’s current advantages. We plug the gaps where those gaps exist and, in the mind of your customers, lift up the quality of your service as a whole.

Ongoing training

Here at CallClever, we believe that you’re only as good as the people you work with. And if we don’t keep training our people on how the market is changing and how to sell our clients’ special qualities:

• our staff lose important career development opportunities and
• the people & decision-makers wanting to connect with our clients lose out because the quality of service delivery is lower.

Our staff are trained for four weeks prior to going live dealing with your customers’ requests. Some of the training is in the classroom but most of it is partnering experienced colleagues and managers so they get a broader view of the business, the situations we deal with for our clients, and the quality of results we expect from them.

With every new customer we onboard, your account manager takes every opportunity to learn about you, your business, your customers, and the sector you operate in. When we’re dealing with your customers and enquirers, we want them to believe that we’re an integral department within your business.

Your account manager will then devise an individualised training package for the staff we select to deal with your callers and website enquirers.

CallClever’s staff benefit from ongoing performance monitoring and reviews because we believe that the happier, more knowledgeable, and more empowered our staff members are, the better service we deliver for you.

Make the most of technology

Technology is changing nearly everything about the way business is done and how we, as business owners, connect with our existing and potential clients.

CallClever is not only heavily invested in the latest, most flexible, and most reliable telephone technology. We’re also making ongoing substantial investments into other channels and platforms, including mobile and live web chat.

Our experienced directors and IT team keep a constant eye on developments within communications – both technological and experiential – so that your clients can connect with you through us in the way that suits them better and delivers you more.

Results-orientated delivery

When we first start working together, we want to understand what it is you need us to deliver. What extra value do we need to add to your business?

If someone calls in asking about your products or services, what information do you need to be able to do a successful follow up? What impression do you want us to leave with your enquirers and customers about your company?

All team members working on your behalf receive a full briefing around your aims and goals for working with us. Please do feel free to speak to the people on your team, your account manager, or one of our directors to give us guidance and feedback.

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